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Accommodation Management

Q. When will I receive confirmation that my son/daughter has a room allocated?
A. There will be four allocation periods, depending on a student’s priority. The priority list will be issued with the accommodation application form and confirmation will be received shortly after these dates.

Q. If I am informed that the application has been unsuccessful, will there still be an opportunity of a room at a later stage?
A. Students who are not allocated rooms will automatically go onto a waiting list and will be informed at the earliest opportunity when a room becomes available.

Q. Will I receive a list of equipment prior to enrolment?
A. An Equipment List is included in this Handbook (Appendix 1)

Q. Will my room be cleaned?
A. Notices will be posted in the accommodation blocks to inform you when the housekeeping team will be coming into your room to clean which is approximately once a fortnight. Students are expected to keep their room and communal kitchen clean and tidy and do their own washing up.

Q. Can I keep pets?
A. No pets, however small, are permitted in accommodation or the residential areas – the only exception to this would be as a disability aid.

Q. What will happen if for unforeseen circumstances we are unable to clear the room by the time given?
A. In exceptional circumstances arrangements can be made to collect belongings at a later date. This must be arranged in advance with the Residential Co-ordinator.

Q. Will I be charged for communal damage if my son/daughter isn’t responsible?
A. Yes, in some cases if damage to the accommodation of facilities occurs, then a charge will be deducted from room deposits. All charges are divided equally between the occupants, unless the damage has occurred in an individual’s room.

Q. If I am not satisfied with the outcome of any maintenance requests, who should I contact?
A. All maintenance and facility requests are reported to the Estates and Facilities team; any concerns should be directed to the Residential Co-ordinator who will then liaise with the team.

Fees and Finance

Q. Who should I contact if I have any queries about payments?
A. All financial enquiries should be directed to one of the Finance team.

Q. Who do I talk to if I have an enquiry about the Residential Bursary Fund?
A. These enquiries should be directed to the Residential Co-ordinator.

Q. What happens if I have been awarded RBF and my son/daughter leaves the course?
A. You will be liable for the repayment of any grant awarded.

Q. Are there any other circumstances that would affect my RBF bursary?
A. Yes, if a student’s attendance falls below 93% then the RBF may be reduced in line with attendance.

Q. If my circumstances change during the academic year would I still be eligible for support?
A. Yes. Support is allocated depending on need. If you feel you may be entitled to additional funding please contact the Residential Co-ordinator. If you are receiving funding and no longer need the support, please inform us as soon as possible.


Q. What are the consequences of attendance dropping below 93%?
A. If a student’s attendance drops below 93% then the Residential Bursary may be reduced in line with attendance. Also, if a student intends to apply for accommodation for the following year and there are no mitigating circumstances, then they will be classed as a Priority 4 applicant and not Priority 1 as are most returning students.

Student safety

Q. If I am dropping off or picking up my son/daughter from College, do I need to get a visitor’s pass?
A. If you have no intention of going into the accommodation or any other private area of the College, then no. However, if you do wish to do so, then you must contact a Residential Support Officer to obtain a pass.

Q. Does the College provide insurance for injury or personal property?
A. The College cannot accept responsibility for injury, the loss of personal monies or valuables. Students are advised to take out personal insurance against injury, loss or damage to their own property. This can often be arranged as an extension of a household contents insurance policy or an alternative insurance provider such as Endsleigh who specialise in student cover. Students taking part in sports and social activities do so at their own risk and it is recommended that they take out personal insurance. Students must ensure they lock their doors at all times.


Q. What happens if my son/daughter has an accident and requires medical attention?
A. If the Emergency Services are required they will be left in the care of the Emergency Services and the parents/guardians will be contacted to attend. If it is not an emergency but still requires treatment at a hospital, parents/guardians will be contacted and will be expected to make arrangements for them to be escorted for treatment/non-emergency appointments.

Q. Will I be informed if my son/daughter is ill?
A. Parents/guardian/carers will only be informed if a student needs to return home due to an injury or illness.

Q. Are you able to take my son/daughter to hospital for non-emergency appointments?
A. No, we are unable to provide transport and students must make their own arrangements.

Absence from Residential Accommodation

Q. How do I know that my son/daughter is at College?
A. If a student is reported as missing from a lesson, Student Support Services will carry out a welfare check on their whereabouts. If they are not in their room, then a note will be left for them to contact Student Support Services. If they do not respond to that and there is a concern for their welfare, then parents will be contacted.

Q. What procedures must be followed if my son/daughter wants to go off campus?
A. All students must sign in and out of their accommodation block. If students are under 18, they must also inform the Residential Support Officer and return to campus by 11.00pm. If they have followed these procedures and have not returned, every effort will be made to establish their whereabouts. If this is not possible, parents will be informed. When students reach the age of 18, there is no restriction on the time they return.

Q. What if my son/daughter is under 18 and needs to be out past 11.00pm with my consent?
A. Arrangements must be made for them to stay out overnight as we will not take responsibility for their welfare if they are off campus after 11.00pm. A parental consent form must be completed and given to Student Support Services in advance. Occasionally parents arrange off site parties for birthday celebrations etc. If we receive early notice of this and adequate transport arrangements have been made, we ask that parents contact us with their consent to allow students under 18 to be back late.


Q. Can students obtain meals other than the Restaurant?
A. Food can be purchased from the shop, vending machines or Broadview Tea Room but all meals included in the accommodation cost can only be obtained in the main Restaurant.

Q. Will I get a refund on any meals not taken?
A. No. Meals are catered and paid for in advance to enable the service to be provided.

Q. Is there a set menu or set amount you can have?
A. Yes. There are set menus displayed daily with several options including vegetarian. Meals come as standard and usually consist of a main meal, pudding and drink.

Q. If I have been assessed as entitled to free school meals, how do I get this?
A. The free school meal deal is only available at lunch time. Your ID card will be pre-programmed to reflect this entitlement.

Electrical Equipment

Q. Can I bring electrical items such as a hairdryer, radio, computer etc?
A. Yes, but you must list any items on the Room Inventory. For items that are over 1 year old, they must have been electrically tested by a qualified electrician and a PAT test certificate attached to the Room Inventory. New electrical items (under 12 months old) will not require this test. The College reserves the right to inspect all such equipment and remove anything which is unsafe or not allowed. Any items without the above requirements will need to be tested by our staff.

Q. Can I have a mini fridge in my room?
A. Yes, providing it complies with the above requirements and is listed on the Room Inventory.

Televisions and mobiles

Q. Do I need to get my son/daughter a TV Licence if they intend on bringing a TV?
A. Yes, a licence is required if the TV can pick up signals from TV channels. You will be breaking the law if you do not obtain a licence and could incur a fine.

Q. My son/daughter will be using a mobile phone will they get a reception in the College?
A. All mobiles receive a signal but some signals are quite sporadic inside buildings. The strongest signal is EE followed by O2. Another network commonly used by students is giffgaff.

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