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So much of what the rural sector does impacts on the environment. As one of the leading colleges in this sector we are always looking at ways to minimise our effect on the environment.

In 2011 we produced a Carbon Management Plan which was signed off by the Carbon Trust.  In this we committed to reduce our carbon footprint by 25% by 2014.

In 2011, we launched the LESS campaign across all college campuses.  The campaign raises awareness and encourages staff, students and visitors to consider and reduce the consumption of energy, water and fuel and to generate LESS waste.

We are currently in the process of reviewing all of our operating systems from procurement to catering to curriculum, so we can ensure we are conducting our business as sustainably as we can.  We are committed to achieving the ISO 14001:2015 standard for Environmental Management so we can continually monitor and improve our environmental performance.

Staff and students at the college are collaborating to improve sustainability standards through participation in the UNESCO award winning Green Impact scheme run by the NUS.  Together they are driving environmental standards up and giving students to opportunity to make a positive difference while gaining formal accreditation for their CV.

In an effort to achieve these aims, the college has installed voltage optimisers, improved insulation and retrofitted LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.  We have changed our fleet cars to vehicles which utilise the most recent ECO-drive systems.  We have fitted water minimising devices and constructed rainwater harvesting facilities to provide water for irrigating the formal gardens in Broadview and for cleaning the yards in the equine complex.

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The Fruits of Nathaniel’s Labour

Posted on 2nd November 2017 in Horticulture

We’re proud to announce that one of our BSc (Hons) Commercial Horticulture graduates, Nathaniel Oliver, was awarded this year’s prestigious Worshipful Company of Fruiterers Scholar of the Year Prize.


BDGA’s Guild of Master Groomers Welcomes Newest Member: Belinda Morris of Hadlow PIF Grooming School

Posted on 23rd October 2017 in Animal Management

We're delighted to announce that Belinda Morris, team leader at our successful Hadlow PIF Grooming School, is the latest groomer to join the ranks of The British Dog Groomers’ Association's Guild of Master Groomers.



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