Careers in Equine

If working with horses appeals to you, then some of the career options our courses lead to include:

Equine Centre Manager

Overseeing the daily professional running of the centre you will need a sound knowledge of equine health and welfare, and be able demonstrate practical experience of schooling and training horses. This is a varied role where you will also be responsible for the budget, staffing and marketing needs of the Centre as well as organising events such as shows.

Stud Manager

A stud manager is responsible for the daily operation of the stud which includes daily care of the breeding stock and managing stable staff.  Specialist duties include organising teasing, covering, parturition, care of the young foals etc. Stud managers often handle routine health maintenance, medication and veterinary care under the supervision of the vet. Other duties include ordering the feed and supplies, scheduling the farrier's visits, record keeping and day-to-day administration and the management of staff and budgets.

Stable Manager

A stable manager is responsible for the daily operation of the stables which includes daily care of the horses, managing stable staff, organising exercise of horses and/or riding lessons. Stable managers often handle routine health maintenance, medication and injury care under the supervision of the vet. Other duties include ordering the feed and supplies, scheduling the farrier's visits, record keeping and day-to-day administration and the management of staff and budgets.

Horse Trainer/Coach

Focused around preparing the horse for competition, a trainer will be responsible for exercising  the horses as well as ensuring the animal is fit and healthy. The horse trainer will also need to be physically fit and able to ride and train a number of horses every day. The Coach will also be expected to teach competition riders in a variety of disciplines including cross-country, show-jumping and dressage and as such the coach themselves will be expected to have competition experience in one or more disciplines.

Riding Instructor

Teaching people of all ages and abilities how to ride horses, instructors typically work in riding schools, competition yards, private stables and agricultural or equine college stables.  There is also the opportunity to work internationally through the International Equestrian Passport scheme.  Fully qualified experienced instructors often have a large number of private clients, with some running their own riding schools.

Equine Lecturer

There are a great number of jobs in teaching both in Further Education and in Higher Education in colleges and universities. Following award of an equine degree, it is possible to study full-time for a teaching qualification at a teacher training college or  to complete a teaching qualification ‘on the job' whilst earning a salary. Teaching in this area may involve a mixture of practical, riding and theoretical courses. Many colleges also encourage staff to continue competing and progressing with BHS examinations.


With the vast majority of horse owners and yards now using commercial mixes to feed horses, there are a number of jobs around the country for equine nutritionists. This job involves assessing requirements in the industry for different types of mixes; formulating the composition of different mixes; quality control and batch testing of feeds. Nutritionists are also involved in advising customers on feeding horses in a variety of situations and operating help-lines for horse owners.

Sales and Marketing of equine consumables and equine veterinary products

There are a variety of jobs in sales and marketing of a whole range of equine consumables. This may include stable equipment, horse clothing, rider clothing, saddlery, equine veterinary products.

Veterinary Assistant

Assisting the equine vet with procedures and the care of the animal both during and after surgery, a veterinary assistant will also be involved in ensuring that the animal's records are correct and offering advice to owners regarding care. There is often an opportunity to train further and become experienced as an equine radiographer or to operate specialist diagnostic equipment.

Equine Research

There are opportunities to work in scientific research either in Universities and colleges or in pharmaceutical companies. Opportunities include laboratory based research using a wide range of diagnostic assays or with horses on treadmills or in training situations. There are also research opportunities in Breeding, Biomechanics and Nutrition of horses.

Alternative Therapies

There are now a wide range of alternative therapy practitioners working in the industry. Opportunities arise to train further to become a specialist practitioner or to assist practitioners in their work. Specialist areas include: Physiotherapy, Acupuncture,  Osteopathy, Massage, Chiropratic,  McTimmony,  Herbalism, Bach Flower remedies to name just a few. Practitioners have to be fully qualified and patients have to referred by a veterinary surgeon and treated under their supervision.

These are a few examples but there are many other jobs in the equine industry including jobs in the Racing industry,  Polo, Hunting,  various breed societies (including the Thoroughbred breeders association), breeding technologies (artificial insemination technicians and sales),  Events management,  Journalism, Horse Transport . . .

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