Frequently Asked Questions

Each year we receive a number of different questions from parents and guardians of prospective students. Some of the more popular ones are summarised below:

What will my child need to buy for their course?

Some courses have additional costs associated with them (for example trip funds, clothing and materials).  Students may also need to purchase some specialist equipment to study certain courses.  Full details of all of these costs will be given to your child at their interview, or can be obtained by enquiry to the College Information and Recruitment Services.

Can I continue to get child benefit?

The parent or carer of any student under 18 can continue to receive child benefit whilst the student remains in full-time education.

What financial support is available?

We try and ensure that no student is unable to study due to financial constraints and have in place a number of schemes to support them. Help is available to students from low income households towards travel, essential course-related expenses and childcare.  Free college meals may also be obtained.  Residential students may apply to the Residential Bursary Fund for help with accommodation fees.

What employment opportunities are there once my child has completed their course?

The land-based sector offers many exciting careers.  Our on-site Careers Hub provides a range of different services to help your child succeed in their chosen field including, CV and covering letter guidance, interview tips and techniques, interview practice, careers workshops and job searches.  Some example roles available to students who finish our courses can be viewed in the dedicated careers section of our website.

When will my child get their timetable?

Draft timetables are given out at enrolment, with further details provided at induction.  The timetable is designed to give students as much flexibility as possible and allow them, through their working week, to access support and services within the College including the Learning Resource Centre, Additional Learning Support and Study Clubs.

What learning support is available for my child?

The College has an excellent Additional Learning Support team who are here to assist with a student’s studies.  They can provide support in many areas including: maths and English, speech, language and communication, specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD), visual impairment and hearing impairment.  The support offered is based upon what is required and could include support with a specialist teacher on a one-to-one basis, or in-class support with a Learning Support Assistant.   In addition, the College runs a drop-in centre and study club which are open to all students.

What feedback will I receive?

Each academic year we hold two academic review evenings which give you, the parents and guardians, the opportunity to meet with tutors and discuss your child’s progress.   The event is organised within each curriculum area to allow you to visit the area your child is learning in, see the facilities and gain a better understanding of the course and types of activities that are undertaken.   In addition to the above events, which usually take place in November and March, you will also receive two written progress reports on your child – one in December and one in March.

Can my child live on site?

Yes.  As a land-based college we have 160 rooms on site which students are able to live in on a half-board basis.  This means their breakfast and one other meal (either lunch or dinner) are provided for them.  We also have a further 55 rooms off-site at our Grove Farm complex for students aged 18 and over.   Since our accommodation is often over-subscribed, priority is given to those students who live a considerable distance from college with a journey of over one hour each way, or to those who need to be on campus for early/late duties as an integral part of their course.  Further details on accommodation are provided at interview.

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