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Agriculture Students put their Welding skills to the test

Posted on 1st June 2016 in Agriculture


Two second year students studying towards the Level 3 Diploma in Agricultural Engineering have been assisting the Marketing department and putting their welding skills to the test.

Following the delivery of a second shipping container - one of two containers used to store the ever-growing stock of prospectuses, banners and marketing collateral - our Agricultural Engineering team had the idea of connecting the two containers to make one large usable store.

The job entailed placing the two containers side by side and cutting a door in-between to link them together.  The two students jumped at the chance to put their welding skills to the test, linking in with one of their core course units in engineering: 317 - Understand and work with land-based repair process and materials technology.

Starting by accurately measuring the aperture to be cut out, the steel wall was cut away with a 9” disc cutter.  Once both containers had been cut, a fillet had to be fabricated and welded with a mig welder into the gap between the two containers to create a doorway.  A plate was then fabricated to cover the floor gap and any possible gaps or holes sealed with silicone sealant to make the doorway waterproof.  Once all of the fabrication and sealing had been completed and cured, a final coat of paint was applied.


Guided by the Engineering Team’s final year Apprentice Technician, Greg Jordan.  The students gained valuable hands on experience, as well as an understanding of the possible Health & Safety issues and how these should be monitored and documented.

Many thanks to Harvey Jones, Tom Roud and Greg Jordan for all of their hard work.

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