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BDGA’s Guild of Master Groomers Welcomes Newest Member: Belinda Morris of Hadlow PIF Grooming School

Posted on 23rd October 2017 in Animal Management

We're delighted to announce that Belinda Morris, team leader at our successful Hadlow PIF Grooming School, is the latest groomer to join the ranks of The British Dog Groomers’ Association's Guild of Master Groomers.

Belinda has been grooming for 12 years and prior to her role here, she worked at Pets at Home and The Dog Shop in Galway, Ireland.

Membership of the Guild of Master Groomers is only open to those BDGA members who have completed all ten units of the Pet Industry Federation’s Higher Diploma. It is a prestigious accolade, held by only 21 other groomers in the UK today.

On achieving her place in the Guild of Master Groomers, Belinda said: "Becoming a member of the Guild of Master Groomers has been my ultimate goal. It provides a fitting recognition of the time and effort I have dedicated to my own personal self-improvement in the dog grooming industry and proof that I have made the grade. The BDGA Higher Diploma is a hugely challenging qualification in every aspect with regard to both the practical standards required and the self-motivation needed to undertake the theory and written elements of it. However, as the highest grooming qualification the UK grooming industry offers, it stands for a lot!

"As a teacher at Hadlow PIF Grooming School of the next generation of dog groomers, I wanted to be at the highest level I can be, in order to pass on that knowledge and expertise to my students, and be an example of what study and qualifications can ultimately lead to."

To dog groomers aspiring to one day join the Guild of Master Groomers, Belinda has this advice: "You need to be strong minded and determined to reach your goal. You also need to be prepared to travel to breed experts and breed specific seminars, and attend dog shows and grooming competitions to learn more about the breeds you will be grooming for the qualification. However, there are now a few Facebook groups out there for this qualification where you can get advice and get to know others doing the qualification. These groups can be very supportive and confidence-boosting, something which is priceless when the going gets tough."

The BDGA is part of the Pet Industry Federation and offers a range of qualifications to dog groomers, including the City & Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 dog grooming qualifications delivered through its accredited training schools; and the Higher Diploma. 

The Hadlow PIF Dog Grooming School offers the best in modern facilities, including a bespoke classroom with interactive whiteboard and a large fully-equipped grooming room with 10 grooming tables, outdoor kennels and indoor holding area and a walk-in wet room for bathing large breeds.

Hadlow College is also now advertised under the Training section of website, a resource to support professional groomers, training centres and clients, which enables users to search for grooming providers in their local area who have industry-recognised qualifications.

Customers wishing to book their dog in for a groom at the Hadlow PIF Dog Grooming School can call: 01732 852605 or email: The school offers free grooming appointments for certain breeds, including hand-stripped breeds.

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