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Cans for Corridors Update

Posted on 26th February 2015 in Animal Management

Since joining 'Cans for Corridors' with Durrell Wildlife, back in November, our students and staff have been busy collecting cans to raise funds for this amazing project in Brazil.

The scheme helps local families to manage the land effectively by planting trees in order to connect up the fragmented habitats of the black lion tamarin (the endangered relative of Hadlow College’s common marmosets).  This work in the Atlantic rainforest is also benefitting other species such as jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, white lipped peccaries and blue and yellow macaws.

The dedicated teams working on the project have confirmed that an area at Morro do diabo, home to around 900 tamarins, the largest wild population, has now been connected with what was an isolated population to the West - the Tucano fragment.  It is estimated that there were previously around only 20 tamarins surviving in this area and groups of such small numbers would not have thrived in isolation.


Before and after photos.

Our students (and staff) are fully engaged with this project, particularly our BSc (Hons) Animal Conservation and Biodiversity students.  The cans have been sorted, crushed and weighed by the students and so far, Hadlow College have raised enough for 22 saplings to be planted!

The collection bin is located in the Animal Management Unit foyer.

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