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Deer at Knole Park

Posted on 6th December 2012 in Countryside, Wildlife & Game Management


14 Extended Diploma Countryside management Students recently enjoyed a trip to Knole Park, Sevenoaks as part of the groups Deer management lessons.

Knole is famous as Kent's last medieval deer park which has remained substantially unchanged since medieval times.  The park covers 1,000 acres, mostly owned by the Knole Estate.  Knole has been home to the same deer herd since at least the 15th century.  The current herd of over 500 deer are descendants of those hunted by Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, and have very little fear of humans.

Whilst at the park the students watched Fallow deer along with a few Sika and were able to observe the natural behaviour of the deer.  Due to their tame nature they were able to practice their identification skills close up, one Fallow buck was as interested in the students as they were of it and came for a closer view, enabling the students to get some stunning photos.

This module of their course will also cover the ecology and biology of deer and the management of deer in the UK.  Future careers available to students after completing this course could be forestry workers, deer managers or countryside and park rangers.

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