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Do You Have a Perfect Pooch for Our Top Students to Trim This Summer?

Posted on 18th July 2016 in General

The award-winning grooming salon at Hadlow College is looking for certain breeds of dogs to enable our students, under expert guidance from some of the UK's top groomers, to hone their skills and groom them to breed standards.

If you have one of the following breeds of dogs, then it could qualify for a free of charge bath and trim in the state of the art facilities at Hadlow College's grooming salon.

The breeds being sought are:

• English Cocker Spaniels
• English Springer Spaniels
• West Highland White Terriers
• Cairns
• Scottish Terriers
• Sealyham Terriers
• Miniature Schnauzers
• Miniature Poodles
• Wire Fox Terriers
• Welsh Terriers
• Lakeland Terriers

All dogs are supervised by top professionals and welfare is their priority at all times.

Team leader at the salon, Julie Harris LCGI GMG said: "Our students are in the final phase of their City & Guilds Diploma qualification and are already competent groomers. In order to complete their training, however, they are required to groom certain pedigree dog breeds to specific breed standards. The dogs love the pampering they get here and always leave looking and smelling gorgeous."

If you are interested in finding out more or booking your dog in, please contact the dog grooming salon on 01732 852605.

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