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Hadlow College Announces its Strategic and Operational Objectives for 2015-2020

Posted on 3rd December 2015 in Events

Our strategic plan and operational objectives for 2015-2020 were announced at an evening event for stakeholders, patrons and staff on 3rd December, held at our Animal Management Unit (AMU).


The evening began with a drinks reception, with catering provided by VRQ level 1 professional cookery students. Members of the Governance and Senior Management teams then gave a series of speeches outlining the Hadlow College mission statement, core values and strategic objectives. Speaking were Hadlow Chairman Nick Coffin, Principal Paul Hannan, Group Director of Finance & Resources Mark Lumsdon-Taylor and Vice Principal Lynda Brown, who all outlined the 6 main objectives:


  • To inspire and enable all students to meet their full potential through education and training of the highest quality
  • To meet the wider needs of the land-based sector by providing a skilled and enterprising workforce that positively contributes to society
  • To motivate and support a highly effective and skilled college team
  • To be an inclusive college where all feel safe, valued and respected
  • To ensure a sustainable financial and economic future for the college
  • To pursue and explore new opportunities to further enhance the student experience

Paul Hannan commented on the mission statement: “We reviewed each and every comment from our committee until we came up with a mission statement and strategic objectives that represented the stakeholders’ views. I want to thank everybody who has been involved in the process, including those here today and the students themselves. People will recognise the new mission statement as it’s the same one we’ve had for the previous five years: ‘Hadlow the outstanding land-based college’. In every focus group we went to, the decision was unanimous: do not change it. Stakeholders said it had become synonymous with Hadlow’s outstanding teaching and learning. The challenge is there for the college to be rated outstanding once again – all of my colleagues here at Hadlow and all the students wouldn’t expect anything else.”

Lynda Brown went on to emphasise that the community aspect of the strategic objectives was crucial, saying, “Students having corporate social responsibility and engaging with the community is very important to us, and our curriculum team support our students to be very involved in community projects.”

Speaking about the sustainable financial future for the college, Mark Lumsdon-Taylor said: “Our unique fiscal plan continues to expand, has been in existence for 13 years and has become a blueprint for the further education sector. Everything we do commercially must support the student learning experience. It underpins every aspect of our institution.

“We are passionate about innovation. We never believed we would be re-opening a coal mine and are the first in the UK to develop a rural community school.

“We need look at this institution as an agent for economic and social change. Our brand stands for innovation, experience and excellence. We intend to be that definitive standard across not only Kent, but the UK.”

For more information, contact: Philip Orrell, Hadlow Group PR and Media Manager, Tel: 01732 372794,

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