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Hadlow College sets up link with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Posted on 13th November 2014 in Animal Management, HE News, Higher Education

The ‘Cans For Corridors’ project aims to use funds raised from recycling drinks cans, to create wildlife corridors to connect areas of fragmented habitat in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.  The forest has reduced in size by 93% in recent times, despite holding 7% of the planets species.  Seedlings grown in nurseries are given to local smallholders to plant creating “tree corridors”.  As these corridors grow, animals can move between forest patches.

We have decided to support this project in part due to our on-going strong relationship with Durrell Wildlife through our Animal Management Unit team, as well as our annual Higher Education field course.

Our common marmosets will be our ambassador species, who are native to the Atlantic Forest, as the project was originally devised to support populations of black lion tamarins.  The project supports wild populations of primate as well as many other South American species.

The scheme has already allocated over 12,000Ha of vulnerable land and supported the empowerment and up skilling of around 500 families in agroforestry schemes and sustainable resource management.

We have a dedicated bin in the Animal Management Unit foyer for the crushed cans.  This a very exciting development for the Animal Management Team raising our profile within the animal industry.

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