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Hadlow Equestrian Studies Students Benefit from Cutting-Edge Biomechanics Software From Quintic

Posted on 25th September 2017 in Equine Management

Hadlow College is pleased to announce that it has selected Quintic, a leading provider of cutting-edge 2D Biomechanics software, as an approved provider for their Equestrian Studies degree programmes. 

The agreement will see Quintic supplying their Biomechanics v29 software for use by staff and undergraduate students on the College’s varied programmes, including Applied Equine Welfare & Management, Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation and Equine Training & Management.

Biomechanics v29 enables detailed analysis of both horse and rider as a way of improving performance and maintaining health through the detection of subtle weaknesses, which, if left undetected, could manifest in lameness and/or loss in performance. The package is used in conjunction with synchronised cameras for high-speed video capture in order to produce detailed analysis of a horse’s gait to follow stride characteristics, protraction/retraction, angular displacements and velocities.

The agreement includes extensive support and marketing initiatives such as free training at the Centaur Biomechanics facility in Warwickshire, Quintic-branded banners and show jump planks, which will be used in competitions in the College’s international-sized arena. The first jump has recently been built and was tested by Equine lecturer Lucy Holland (pictured above), who currently competes at British Eventing Novice level. 

Sonia Wilkes, Head of Faculty, Equine and Business, said: “We constantly emphasise the importance of good horse and rider biomechanics to our students and to partner with the market leader in analysis in this area brings fantastic benefits. It will greatly assist our students in understanding the science behind it and ensure they are competent with the leading-edge technology in the industry.”

For more information, contact: Philip Orrell, Hadlow Group PR and Media Manager, Tel: 01732 372794, 

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