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Hadlow Student Presents Research Findings to World-Renowned Academics at International Conference

Posted on 31st July 2017 in Animal Management, Higher Education

One of our undergraduate students recently presented her dissertation findings at an interdisciplinary international conference on animal ethics amongst world-renowned academics at Oxford.

Danielle Sampson, an Animal Management student, joined top academics from around the globe to debate the ethics of the international fur trade at The Fourth Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School at St Stephen’s House, Oxford, from 23-26 July, 2017. Philosophers, theologians, and ethicists were among academics from more than 12 countries, including the US, India, Croatia, China, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Canada, Ireland, Estonia, Finland, and Italy.

The task of the Summer School was to interrogate and analyse the ethical claims of the fur industry, a multimillion-pound, multinational business, responsible for the deaths of tens of million animals, especially mink and fox, every year.

Danielle is being supported by the college to develop her dissertation into a paper for the Journal of Animal Ethics and her acceptance at the conference is external validation for one of the research themes within the Animal Management faculty: anthrozoology. Hadlow College can support students at all stages, from tuition and research up until they present themselves and their research to a wider academic audience.

The faculty is currently prioritising research under the following themes that cover all its degree streams:

1. Anthrozoology
2. Forensic entomology
3. Technologies for monitoring animals
4. Animal Husbandry
5. Local conservation and ecology
6. Conservation breeding

The Summer School on the Ethics of Fur is organised by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in partnership with Respect for Animals Educational Trust. The Centre pioneers ethical perspectives on animals through academic research, teaching, and publication.

Read more about the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics here - Click here for the full conference programme.

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