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Hadlow students enter the 3atc Southern Regional Climbing Competition

Posted on 15th May 2014 in Horticulture, Events

On May 7th, Hadlow College Competition Climbing Team from the Extended Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture took part in the 3atc Southern College Climbing Competition (sponsored by, at Bentley Wildfowl Trust, East Sussex.

Six Colleges across the UK competed (even from as far as Northumberland); with teams of Novice climbers from each College. Team members must have been climbing for less than two years.

This is the first time Hadlow has entered a climbing competition and the first competition for these students, and was judged by leading industry Competition Judges and National and European Climbing Champions. 

The students had to demonstrate speed and task control as well as safe industry practice, in order to get bonus time (or got penalties for errors), they tackled challenges such as ringing a bell with a saw placed out at the end of a branch.


As the day progressed the wind picked up and the weather became drizzly, making the climbing much more challenging!

Our fastest time (excluding penalty time), was by first year student Sam Pickard (age 17) at 5 minutes 30 seconds, followed by second year Rob Flatman (17) at 11 minutes 30 seconds (including 30 sec bonus) and first year Josh Buttigieg (18) who climbed in 13 minutes 40 seconds.  The winner was Merrist Wood College with a combined final climb time of 10 minutes 14 seconds, and were worthy role models.

Throughout the day our students got to network with World Class Climbers including the Swedish ladies Champion Boel Hammarstrand and gained first-hand experience of state of the art climbing techniques and equipment.

Stein donated gift vouchers to the winning team and our students each left with a goody bag of kit worth over £60.

The next day Nick Pott from 3atc & Stein and Ian Cameron, Stein Event Climber, visited Hadlow. Nick talked about the Arboriculture Association and demonstrated equipment and a variety of climbing systems. Ian then took the competition climbers up into the trees & showed them how to work with more advanced knots that are great for both speed & safety.


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