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Hadlow’s Agricultural Engineering Team Refurbishes Lord Colgrain’s Massey Ferguson 135

Posted on 17th May 2016 in Agriculture

Our Agricultural Engineering Team have recently completed the refurbishment of a highly notable Massey Ferguson 135. The tractor belongs to Alastair Campbell, the 4th Baron Colgrain, known as Lord Colgrain. The title is hereditary, created in 1946 for the Scottish banker Colin Campbell. Alastair, a beef cattle farmer, is his great-grandson, and succeeded his father in 2008.

Lord Colgrain approached the College’s Engineering Team in the Heritage section at the 2015 Kent County Show - where he acts as President - and asked if the students would like a winter project. He had used the Massey for general light farm duties and it needed a little attention. His family had purchased it new in 1971 for carrying out all of the farm duties, until it was superseded by larger, modern tractors and spent the latter years of its life as a scraper tractor.

On the 7th of November 2015, the tractor came into the workshop for a full service and bodywork tidy up. The students decided that all the tin work had to come off to allow repairs and straightening, and then paint to be applied.

The brakes had been found to be non-existent so these were overhauled and new linings fitted. Due to the tractor being used for a period of time as a yard scraper, one wheel rim had completely rotted through and had to be replaced. All four wheels had two coats of undercoat and two of silver applied to freshen the whole thing up.

The cab frame and roof were removed to be cleaned up and painted and the main skid unit was pressure-washed off and cleaned up ready for two coats of undercoat and a further two coats of Stoneleigh Grey top coat.
The steering was thoroughly overhauled and checked over and two new foot plates fitted to replace the rotten old ones.
Once all the parts had been refurbished and painted, the students re-assembled all of the parts and applied new decals. The engine was then fully serviced and new filters fitted throughout.
On 26th March 2016, the refurbished Massey Ferguson 135 was returned to Lord Colgrain at his farm near Sevenoaks.

It is now to be used for light duties such as mowing and topping of pathways and verges and hopefully has another 40 years of good service left.

Steve Pike, Machinery Lecturer and Engineering Workshop Manager at Hadlow College, commented: “We’ve had some unusual projects here at the workshop, but to get a tractor restoration project from a member of the English nobility was very prestigious. We were proud to be asked and Lord Colgrain was very pleased with the result. “

For more information, contact: Philip Orrell, Hadlow Group PR and Media Manager, Tel: 01732 372794,

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