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Horsebox and Trailer Safety Seminar

Posted on 26th February 2014 in Equine Management

NFU Mutual, The British Horse Society and PRP Rescue Services recently attended Hadlow College to run a seminar to highlight the importance of horsebox and trailer safety.

The seminar was attended by our second year Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management students and consisted of a mixture of short lectures.

The lectures included tyre safety and accident reporting; an introduction to horsebox and trailer safety, including why accidents and breakdowns happen; common problems and how to prevent them; accident reporting and procedures to be taken in the event of an accident or breakdown and the importance of planning ahead.

The seminar also included a section about the law relating to horseboxes and trailers, driver licensing, overloading, drivers’ hours and vehicle roadworthiness.

The lectures were followed by a practical session providing the students with an opportunity to learn how to perform basic safety checks on a horsebox and trailer including: checking tyre pressure; checking tyre tread levels; checking oil levels and ensuring that indicators and lights worked correctly.

It was a very informative seminar providing the students with information and practical skills needed to ensure safe practice and compliance with current legislation.

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