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Horticulture Students benefit from Ergonomic tools.

Posted on 24th October 2014 in Horticulture, Events

Students on our Level 3 Extended Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture and our Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horticulture courses, will now benefit from a range of specialist, ergonomically designed, pruning equipment.

The tools have been produced by Agricare – a Kent-based business which supplies products to the agricultural and horticultural industries.

During a recent Agricare demonstration and industry talk, held at the College’s plum orchard, students learnt that by investing in the correct equipment they can prevent repeated strain and injury.  During the event Brian Tompsett shared his first-hand industry experience of a lifetime spent using manual hand-held secateurs.

The new tools include: hand held secateurs, a hedge cutter pole and pruning saw head attachments.  The electric tools also come complete with a long-life battery pack.  These tools make physical manual pruning easier and more accessible for all students.  Using a simple electric trigger action students with specific physical needs can also now more easily participate in practical sessions.

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