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International Harvester TD 18, Crawler tractor

Posted on 5th February 2014 in Agriculture

Our International Harvester TD 18 Crawler tractor, now lovingly renamed ‘Caz’, has had quite a bit going on in her life recently.

The Level 3 Extended Diploma in Land-Based Technology students have been busy polishing and cleaning parts ready for the big rebuild.  The liners have been replaced ready for the pistons to be fitted and the crankshaft has been cleaned up and polished.

The fuel system components are all being given the once over and should be ready to refit soon.  Most of the other engine components have been cleaned, inspected for wear and either replaced or repaired as necessary.

The badly frosted bottom tank, which is used by the radiator, has been bronze welded by the students.  Bronze welding is a process of joining metals in which the edges of the metal are heated to a temperature below their melting point and a bronze alloy is simultaneously melted.  This causes the alloy to flow over the edges of the metal and join them together.  The welding has resulted in a strong and ductile union and the students have benefitted from some great practical learning with high melting point metals.  The radiator is now ready to be reunited with the main core.

At present the students are replacing the pistons, which is proving to be a very technical and fiddly job, requiring a lot of patience!

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