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International Harvester TD 18, Crawler tractor

Posted on 6th January 2014 in Agriculture

Our Level 3 Extended Diploma in Land-Based Technology students are getting hands on experience restoring an International Harvester TD 18 Crawler tractor.

This goliath of the International crawler tractor range was built circa 1943-45 in the USA by the International Harvester Corporation.

The TD18 was used by the USA military (known as the M1 Heavy), for building defences and runways, up to and during the Second World War and some were exported to England under the Lend-Lease scheme.

This particular tractor seems to have been in use by the British military during World War II ,or soon after, and then sold off to a plant hire firm near Ashford, where it spent its time towing a Scraper box to level land for roads and buildings.

Having languished in several sheds and workshops in the interim years it was finally purchased by the College in November 2013 and transported to the College as a major project for the Land-Based Technology students to rebuild.

Part of the course content for the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Land-Based Technology is to carry out servicing and maintenance on land-based equipment, and also to service and repair engines and components, however, the opportunity to work this machine is a real treat.

The machines vital statistics are:-

  • 11tons in weight
  • Diesel engine, but starts with petrol (which is an odd thing to say the least)
  • 6 Cylinder 11 ltr engine which produces around 90hp (The average car engine is 1.6 ltr!)

It’s truly a huge project in size and undertaking and certainly is an impressive sight sat in our workshop.

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