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Landscape and Countryside Management Field Trip to Cuckmere Haven and Knepp Castle Estate

Posted on 5th May 2017 in Countryside, Wildlife & Game Management

Our 3rd year Landscape and Countryside Management degree students recently undertook a field trip to Cuckmere Haven and Knepp Castle Estate in Sussex as part of their Coastal Habitat Management and Livestock Use in Conservation units. 

The students looked at the natural restoration of the Cuckmere Haven estuary to a tidal floodplain, and learnt about the Wildland Project at Knepp. This pioneering rewilding project allows traditional breeds to roam freely on the 3,500-acre Knepp estate in a giant open-ended science experiment exploring farmland reversion and natural regeneration.  

The project, headed by estate owner Charlie Burrell and his team, employs a mixture of animals - Longhorn cattle, Fallow and Roe deer, Tamworth pigs and Exmoor ponies - as conservation management tools, to graze and browse the vegetation in different ways, steering habitat changes across the site.

The students discussed current UK coastal management issues and were tasked with critically evaluating site safety and legislation and the application of livestock types and breed for conservation objectives.

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