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New Arrivals Planned for Hadlow’s Animal Management Unit

Posted on 1st August 2014 in Animal Management

This summer Hadlow College’s Animal Management department will welcome a number of new arrivals.

As part of a plan to diversify the animal collection, Hadlow College will be welcoming a trio of common marmosets, the Colleges first primate species, Northern flying squirrels, pancake tortoises, rhea, blue crayfish, savannah monitor lizard and a new mixed species African aviary.

John Pemberton, Animal Collections Manager said “these animals will further expand our collection of exotic species to complement our various courses which teach zoo management, animal husbandry and animal welfare while giving the students experience with a wider range of species. The addition of a small monkey species certainly increases the skill set students need to carry out their practical animal work. The pancake tortoises are also part of the European Studbook which further integrates Hadlow College with the wider zoo community."

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