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New Foal for Hadlow College Equestrian Centre

Posted on 18th March 2015 in Equine Management

Our Equine students were celebrating a new arrival this weekend as Tilly gave birth to a Chestnut Colt at 04.10am on Sunday morning.  This is Tilly’s third foal and her second to be born on Mothers Day!

New Foal at Equestrian CentreThe foal has been bred as part of our annual breeding programme and was fathered by our home bred stallion, Wolfgang Bravo.  The students are involved in the whole breeding process; they observe the initial mare and stallion swabs and the covering itself; preparing the mare and stallion for both.  They observe the mare during pregnancy scans and complete foal watch as part of their course.  The second year Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management students also gain experience of handling the foal as part of their yard duties.

Our students have bred 14 foals since the year 2000.  New foals spend the first 6 months with their mother, then spend the next few years maturing and being handled by staff and students, until they are backed at around 4 years old.  Some foals, once mature, have been backed and trained and remain at Hadlow College and are used in student lessons.  A number of mares have also been used for the breeding programme and a few horses have been sold on.  Hero (2007) has done particularly well, successfully competing in Affiliated Dressage and both Hero and Indigo (2008) are preparing for their first BE event.

Keeping with tradition this foal will be named following the alphabet and rhyming with Hadlow e.g. Aero, Bravo, Cairo.  This foal will be named shortly from suggestions provided by students and staff beginning with the letter ‘O’.

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