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Agriculture students celebrating some new arrivals.

Posted on 14th May 2015 in Agriculture

Our Level 3 extended diploma in Agriculture students are working towards an assignment based around a poultry production project.  They have 3 incubators all requiring different levels of care containing Quail eggs, Bantoms and Hens.

The first Quail egg hatched this morning (incubation period 15 days) and the others are rocking about so will not be far behind.  This incubator has a monitor for humidity, temperature and automatically turns the eggs, however, the students are still required to add water.

The second incubator contains Bantom eggs (18 day incubation period), with a digital thermometer but no humidity monitor, requiring the students to carefully add enough water to maintain the correct humidity.  These eggs need to be manually turned.
The third incubator contains Hens eggs (21 day incubation period).  This incubator requires the most care and skill as it has a thermometer, but it is not digital, no humidity monitor and also requires manual

turning of the eggs.
The students are working on a rota to care for the eggs and will also be monitoring production, mortality and fertility.

Once the eggs have hatched the chicks will be placed into a Brooder and the students will continue to care for them.  Some of the students have expressed an interest in taking a selection of chicks home to continue to rear them, the others will be returned back to the farm that supplied the eggs.

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