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Pammy Hutton FBHS Lecture Demonstration

Posted on 12th March 2014 in Equine Management, HE News, Events

Pammy Hutton FBHS, International dressage rider and trainer, spent the afternoon and evening at Hadlow College on Monday 10th March accompanied by her son Charlie Hutton, daughter Pippa Hutton and future daughter-in-law Abi Lyle, as well as Anne-Marie who Pammy trains at home.

Well known as an International dressage rider and trainer, Pammy is joint principal of The Talland School of Equitation.  Pammy has a long and illustrious competition career and produces her own horses to Grand Prix level.

During the afternoon Pammy held four semi-private lessons for Hadlow College staff, each ¾ of an hour long. Staff rode either their own horses or College horses with students were encouraged to watch; this was a wonderful opportunity and both staff and students learnt a great deal.

Pammy and her team then spent the evening presenting a packed lecture demonstration.  Starting with a short display from Abi (riding Pippa’s pony), which included half pass and flying changes, Pammy invited three Hadlow College staff to join in.  This consisting of two Hadlow-bred horses, Hero ridden by Sarah Mollett (Yard Manager), Indigo ridden by Aaron Otway-Ruthven (Technical Instructor) and a third horse, Didi, owned and ridden by Ami Holden (Equine Lecturer).  Under Pammy’s instruction the riders received training on one of Pammy’s favoured exercises - six circles. This exercise involves riding six, ten metre circles in canter with a few strides of trot to change direction.  It has many benefits and will help to improve the horse’s suppleness, bend, flexion, looseness and ensure they are really listening to the rider's aids.  In addition, it is a good exercise in preparation for flying changes.  This was a great experience, if not a little unnerving for our lecturers, being taught in front of a crowd!

The rest of the evening comprised a series of small training sessions, each instructed by Pammy or Charlie, demonstrating technical and precise dressage movements.  One ended with a spectacular show as Abi rode through the Prix St Georges freestyle on Pammy’s horse Magnum, to music.  This received a great round of applause and both Pammy and Abi appeared extremely pleased!

Another very useful part of the evening was a second group session instructed by Pammy.  Anne-Marie rode her own horse Teddy, Pippa on Missy, Charlie on Pepe and Abi on Magnum.  All cantering together and, keeping on the same circle, all riders leant forwards, then backwards, shifted their seat to the right, then to the left, put their arms too far forwards, then too far back and the same with their legs, heads, shoulders, chin.  This was all performed without stirrups and with the reins in one hand!  Amazingly, each horse continued to canter the circle, all completely balanced and keeping the same pace and outline.  A fantastic demonstration of what can be achieved with incredibly well trained horses, it showed how balanced and effective the riders were and made a difficult exercise look effortless!

It was a real treat to have been given an insight into how the Huttons train horses to such excellent levels at home.  Pammy ended by saying that she hoped she had managed to show the audience a few things they haven’t tried and that they would each go home and try something new.

The whole evening was organised by our students studying towards the BSc (Hons) Equine Management, as part of their event planning module, from the initial project proposal through to budget planning and marketing strategy.  The students also organised a raffle, held during the interval, raising £147 towards the Kent Air Ambulance.

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